“Scandinavian Style”

” .. so when did you start light roasting your coffee? “

– sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough.

” Scandinavian Roast “

Or Light Roast, which makes no sense. Every Roastery in Scandinavia doesn’t roast their coffee lighter. But it is still a Scandinavian roast, since it’s roasted in Scandinavia, right? Recognized in espresso by a thinner, lighter colored crèma and higher acidic fruit notes. But also in some cases, when the coffee is roasted too light it has a green, underdeveloped flavor and goes under the same name.  Now, that makes no sense either. Light Roast is a poorly describing word of what the Specialty Coffee Roastery’s are doing with coffee in Scandinavia. It also is considered a “new style” of roasting in a Specialty Coffee time scale, but we have been doing this for a decade.

It all started in Oslo back in year 2000. The coffee shop culture had been growing fast in Norway and espresso based drinks are super popular. Robert had recently won the first World Barista Championship and was about to open his second coffee bar and first coffee roastery – Mocca.  As every coffee professional with ambition and passion(s) to work innovatively, but knowing little to nothing about the art of roasting, he found help in an experienced roaster from California. Trish Rothgeb spent months with Robert with a goal to create and roast an espresso blend that would challenge the espresso that was already on the Scandinavian market, – where most of the best flavor nuances of the coffee were roasted away.

First of all by doing a different roast profile where the coffee is roasted to the peak of its potential flavor character. Not just by roasting any coffee lighter, but by using coffees that are crisp, floral, clean and has high notes of berries, tropical and acidic fruits. To make that juicy, clean, fresh acidic espresso with a ripe sweetness, Colombian, Costa Rican and Ethiopian coffee’s were used. They spent several months cupping and adjusting the roast profile, which originally was named “Slow Medium” roast by Trish and Robert. The espresso blend was named Caffè Crescendo and blew people away with its light golden appearance and bright, sweet flavors. Some people laughed and shook their heads, but ten years later the majority of Roasters in the Nordic countries are doing the same thing. This is not a new trend and “light roasting” is not describing what we do. As a matter of fact, it isn’t “Scandinavian” at all – it is a style of roasting coffee, in our opinion – to perfection.

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1 Response to “Scandinavian Style”

  1. I really enjoyed this being Scandinavian myself, and always preferred more medium roasts. Wish I could try this blend sometime.

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